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Kids' Electric Guitar

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Kids Electric Guitar

Are you looking for a  Kids Electric Guitar? The Loog electric series of guitars are designed to make learning for beginners a much easier process. These childrens electric guitars only have three strings, which make them  a much gripping the neck and forming chords easier for beginners with only small hands. The Loog Kids Electric Guitar comes with a free instructional application that is designed to have kids playing along with the their favourite artist quickly. The Loog Electrics are great electrics for kids to learn on and develop the essential skills required to play a six string model. The main difference for the beginner electric guitar player, whether a child or an older learner, is that they won’t become overwhelmed and frustrated with trying to form chords. This will keep them passionate and interested about learning without them losing interest in playing because it is too difficult. The Loog is a mini electric guitar is small, but still has a full length neck, so players can easily play up and down the fret board with ease. The Loog is also very versatile for players and their progression with learning the guitar. Once they have mastered the bottom three strings, then they can change to the top three strings, or even the middle three strings. The Loog is all about learning and experimenting with the guitar to become an accomplished player quickly. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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