We offer what we (and others!) think is the best guitar for children and beginners. But it is true that there are many other options, some of them costing much less than a Loog. So why Loog?

Most guitars for kids are simply cheap, scaled-down replicas of a standard guitar. And because they have six strings anyway, the neck is still too wide for a child to play comfortably – let alone easily. Plus, cheap guitars tend to be cheaply made. It makes sense to avoid spending a fortune on a beginner’s instrument, but by going with really poor quality build and materials, the chances are your kid won’t feel engaged enough to play.

So what about ukuleles? Ukuleles are great – if what you want is a ukulele. The problem is that many people end up buying a ukulele because what they want is a small, portable, easy-to-play guitar. And if that’s what you want, we think a Loog is better suited for you. You see, a ukulele is an entirely different instrument: it has its own strings, its own tuning and its own sound. Loog Guitars are really just 3-string guitars: they use regular guitar strings, they tune like a guitar, they play like a guitar, and they sound like a guitar. So if you want to get a ukulele, you should definitely get one (they are actually fun to play along with the Loog!). But if what you really want is a small, fun guitar, we humbly propose that you consider a Loog.

Loogs come with a free instructional app that covers everything from tuning and maintaining your guitar to basic chords and popular songs to play along to. The app has settings which can be adjusted for left-handed players, acoustic or electric Looks and even for moving on to a six-string instrument. Who doesn’t love an app that is fun to use, interacts with the user and actually involves learning a physical skill.

Another benefit of the Loog guitar, is that they are really fun to play for all ages, and even for advanced players. Check out the numerous videos like this on YouTube. So even when the beginner has mastered playing on the Loog and moved on to a full-sized instrument, they will still enjoy returning to play on the Loog again and again. Or if you are a parent/sibling/carer etc. that loves to play guitar, you will more than likely find yourself having a lot of fun on the Loog too!


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